Using Pocket Folders to Beat Office Chaos

You're just about to leave the office for an important meeting with a potential new client. You've got the address, the name of the person you're meeting with, and you've got those all-important documents that you know will help you clinch this deal. Wait a minute. You thought you had those documents. You left them in a neat pile on your desk just a few minutes ago. And then someone left the door open and your papers are scattered all over the floor. Already one has a dirty footprint on it.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, it's time you started using pocket folders. These simple and undervalued bits of folded card are set to be your saviors at times like these. If you'd only inserted your carefully chosen documents into one of those neat looking pocket folders, you'd already be out that door by now and halfway to your meeting.

Pocket folders, quite simply, are the organizational weapons of the disorganized person. I know this because I am such a person. It's not something I usually admit to, because it sounds like one of those things you end up saying at a job interview when they ask you what your weaknesses are. But yes, I am disorganized. However, I don't consider it to be a weakness, because I have found an antidote - pocket folders!

Here's how I work it. Each project or client that I'm actively dealing with gets a folder. I have qtite a collection of pocket folders in my desk drawers. Each day I make sure that any relevant paperwork goes into one of the pocket folders (ideally the right one!)

When the phone rings, or a query arrives in my inbox, I simply search for the right folder, and all the information I need is right in there. I no longer need to sift through piles of paper or ransack my in-tray, my desk drawers, under the desk or anywhere else. Once I've located the folder, I can hit the ground running.

OK, it's true that you can't always put everything related to your client or your project into a pocket folder. That would be impossible. So what I do is hold onto the most current and useful bits of paper. There's no point in keeping the details of a quote that we already finished last year, right?

So do yourself and your company a favor. Get some custom folders printed with your logo and company name. Not only will you get super-organized super-fast, but you'll also enhance your company's professionalism at the same time.

Article Source: Lesley Carr


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